Leo Conde(President)

Leo Conde

Leo Conde, President of Sapphire Custom Homes, has been involved in the building industry of Houston and surrounding counties for the past 15 years. Leo has founded Sapphire Custom Homes on the principles of building distinctive homes with regard to detail and customer satisfaction at a reasonable price. His passion for creating the best craftsmanship is reflected in the quality of every home that Sapphire Custom Homes builds. Leo believes that with good communication between the builder, homeowner, and trade contractors is the key to any successful building project.

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Catherine Conde
(Vice President)

Catherine Conde, Vice President of Sapphire Custom Homes, has over 10 years’ experience in the building & Real Estate industry. Catherine brings her honesty and personal interest to make our clients building adventure a dream come true. As a licensed Broker, she personally works with all of our clients to assist them throughout the entire building process. From assisting clients with mortgage & financing to walking them through selections and budgeting, Catherine is a true professional.

Andres Sanchez(Superintendent)

Andres Sanchez

Andres Sanchez is the Superintendent for Sapphire Custom Homes. When Andres first started working for Sapphire Custom Homes he was our Electrician. Since then he has grown within our company and with over 15 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, he is extremely knowledgeable. Andres uses his knowledge to ensure that Sapphire Custom Homes are being built according to clients wants and needs, and then exceeding their expectations.